Nissan S13 240SX Racing Door Shells

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Nissan S13 240SX Racing Door Shells

Our ultra light fiberglass door shells are made as bare as possible while retaining a structural frame and comes with integrated window molding. Comes with Left and Right door. Door panels can be mounted on for a street look, but it's up to the final user to decide how to and where to add an inside door handle. (We recommend universal a racing door handle, pull strap/string or bolting the factory handle to the bottom of the door frame if cable operation is available).

IMPORTANT! These S13 doors shells don't have hinges. You will need to cut the hinges from your old damaged metal doors and bolt them to these doors. (Nissan didn't design their doors with removable hinges until the S14).

All our products are made to order and it takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to ship them after ordering